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Bye, Bye Rough Hands!

November 2, 2016 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Inspiration, Our Favorites

Rough HandsWhen it comes to damaging weather, winter takes the cake – especially when it comes to our hands. No matter how many layers of deep moisturizing lotion we apply, it doesn’t seem like enough against blistering winds and subzero temperatures. We can’t completely eliminate the damage cold weather causes, but we can take certain steps to help prevent painful, cracked skin.

Slow Down on the Washing

Water is one of the main reasons our hands dry out quicker in the winter. We’re used to washing our hands for every little thing, but when mixed with the dry air, it can do more harm than good. Unless you’re about to prepare food, just used the washroom or are around sick people, you don’t need to be washing your hands every time you touch something. Water sucks moisture from your skin and harsh soaps strip of your natural oils. The key is to wash less and make sure you’re using good soap when you do. Finding good, sulfate free body washes and hand soaps, such as Aveda’s Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash, can help.

Invest in a good moisturizer

When it comes to keeping your hands soft, the right moisturizer is all you need. For something that’s not too heavy- for those of you who need less moisture than others- a cream based moisturize like Aveda’s Stress Fix Hand Cream should do the trick. For those of you who struggle with extremely dry and cracked hands in the winter, a thicker moisturizer like Aveda’s Hand Relief or even a body cream (which tends to be thicker in consistency) should help. If you are one to suffer from extremely dry skin and a good moisturizer is not doing the trick, invest in an oil to help act as a barrier between your skin and the air. Aveda offers several different concentrates to cater all types of skin from extremely dry to the extremely sensitive.

Purchase a Humidifier

Even if we wanted to, keeping the windows open all year round doesn’t help the dry air that comes along with winter. Closing the windows and putting on the heat doesn’t help either, the air is even drier than it is outside. So, what can you do? A humidifier is a fantastic investment, especially in the winter time. Not only will it help your skin stay moisturized as you sip hot chocolate and watch movies on the couch, but it can also help you breathe better if you notice that your nose gets clogged when the windows are closed.

When it comes to the damage the winter produces to your hands, it’s no laughing manner. Make sure you’re moisturizing every chance you get and investing in nighttime serums that help heal your hands while you are sleeping. Always remember to wear gloves and drink plenty of water to keep your skin youthful and soft.

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