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Wedding Hair Style Guide: Trends & Styles 2022

April 11, 2022

With every new wedding season comes new hair trends that we see emerging. Your Pinterest board of your wedding from 2013 probably doesn’t look anything like what you’ve saved for your 2022 wedding. With the summer approaching quicker than anyone expected, the wedding season is almost upon us. With your outfit, all picked out, and… Read More

What to Expect From Your First Keratin Treatment

March 15, 2022

What is a Keratin Treatment?  The main goal of Keratin treatments is to smooth, shine, and protect hair. It is often used to de-frizz frizzy hair and add protection to your hair where it may lose it over time. As your hair grows without being cut, it is subjected to the outside world’s natural elements… Read More

Keratin Treatment on Long Black Hair

Four Salon Treatments that Keep your Hair Healthy and Moisturized All Winter

February 11, 2022

Winter is the best time of year to prioritize getting yourself into a salon for a little rest and rejuvenation. After spending so much time and money on our hair, only to cover it with hats and put it in buns all winter long, it deserves some care. What better way to treat yourself in… Read More

Fun & Funky Fashion Hair Color Ideas For 2022

January 19, 2022

A new year has come and gone and left everyone feeling like needing change. And what better way to easily change up your day-to-day life than by dyeing your hair? 2022 is predicted to have crazier trends than ever before. With social media at the forefront of new trends, it’s easy to get lost in… Read More

Trending Winter Hair Color Ideas for 2022

December 13, 2021

Chicago gracefully stepping into December brings news styles and trends that emerge with the snow. Hairstyles from winter to summer tend to play off the cold weather and resemble more cool and dark tones. You’ll see people with long hair tending to go darker in the winter months to match the vibe of the weather… Read More