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Beard Care for Beginners: Everything You Need to Get Started

July 25, 2023 · Posted in: Salon News
Man smiling with long well-groomed beard.

When it comes to growing a beard, it’s biological, something your body will naturally do. But when it comes to maintaining it, that’s another story! There are many tips and tricks, remedies, and advice on how to grow your beard long and healthy, how to shape it when to wash it, what products to use… it’s easy to get lost in it all. We’ve compiled a short list of beard care for beginners, with everything you need to know to start growing a healthy and luxurious beard.

Combing and Washing 

Something that should be obvious but needs to be first on the list – daily washing and coming of your beard will be the most effective technique for getting it to grow long and healthy. If you don’t have time or money for beard products and want to avoid getting into beard balms or oils – having a great face wash and beard wash is the simplest thing that will make all the difference. 

Investing in a small beard comb and combing daily is also a great way to encourage your beard hair to grow in a certain way and helps you avoid knots and tangles from the night of sleep. 

Moisturizing and Conditioning 

Investing in quality products like beard balm and oil will help keep your beard soft and hydrated. This makes maintenance manageable and easy, preventing itchiness, dryness, and coarseness. Similar to the hair on your head, your beard requires the same amount of moisture and nourishment. The products should be easy to use, requiring you to take a small amount and massage it into your beard and the skin beneath. 

Trimming and Shaping

Everyone hears that cutting your hair actually helps it grow longer; well, the same goes for your beard. It’s necessary and ideal to own a trimmer if you plan on keeping a beard long term; this way, you can easily adjust the length and shape as it grows. Even a pair of scissors can help do the trick! Trimming split ends and flyaways can boost the appearance of your beard and promote healthy growth. 

Using the right products for your facial hair

Whether your beard is short, long, patchy, or super thick, all beards have products tailored to help them achieve the shape and style they want. Using the right products for your beard is essential to helping it be the best it can be. Here are our recommendations for some of the best additions to your beard maintenance routine. 

  • Beard and face wash to exfoliate regularly and clean.  
  • Beard softener if you have a long beard to condition and soften hairs so they are easily shaped and combed. 
  • Beard Cream, or balm, is used to shape and condense hair sticking out or falling the wrong way. The longer your beard is, the stronger a balm is used, with creams being used to maintain shorter beards that need less taming. 
  • Beard oil, what most men will say, is the most important. You use it every day, and it will bring an incredible amount of moisture to your beard and make it shine and smell great. 
  • Beard trimming kit: if you’re going to do maintenance between barber visits (as you should), a good trimming kit is essential. Something with multiple attachments to cater to different needs will help your beard stay clean and trimmed in-between visits.

Frequent Barber Visits

Every man’s beard is unique, and to understand and know how to trim your beard right, sometimes you have to get it done by a professional. Barbers will be able to access your beard properly, trim it and shape it for you, and even fade it if that’s what you want, not to mention the small stuff that may go mostly unnoticed by you but makes a huge difference in your appearance like the back of your neck being shaved or beneath your chin.

Barbers will tame fly-aways and ring in stray hairs that grow outside the beard’s shape, allowing you to look polished and put together with minimum effort. Barbers have a better perspective on your beard and can take a look and offer custom advice and see things you might miss. It’s necessary to maintain your beard, and once you start going and seeing how good you look after it, it’ll be a habit for life.