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5 Date Night Ready At-Home Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks

February 5, 2021 · Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Fashion

Valentines Day MakeupEveryone is looking for ways to elevate Valentine’s day this year, with more time still being spent inside. From gifts to special plans and outfits, everyone goes above and beyond to make the night memorable without the usual dinner date night or weekend giveaway.

One way people are stepping up their game this year is planning cute, fun outfits and makeup looks. Easy and fun, it’ll make you feel like you’re about to take on the town with your hot date. Here are some easy and fun Valentine’s Day makeup looks that your partner will find adorable.

1.   Full Glam

A date night classic, having an excuse to do a full glam full face of makeup is everyone’s dream these days. With no events to get dressed up for, practicing and wearing fun makeup looks isn’t as fun as it used to be. The main focus points to a full glam makeup look are to start prepping your face with a moisturizer and apply foundation, concealer, and blush in that order. The scope of your contour is up to you, but make sure to sculpt your eyebrows and highlight your cheekbones for a pop. 

You can go in many different directions with makeup, but for Valentine’s day, we recommend a pink blush, maroon or red smokey eye. Contour to your heart’s content and take some cute pics for your love. You’re guaranteed to feel hot and have a great night.

2.   Light and Sweet

A simple, easy, and classic look, all you really need for a complete makeup look for Valentine’s day is blush and eyelash extensions. Natural makeup or ‘no makeup’ looks are more popular than ever, and these days owning a good moisturizer and having a good morning and nighttime makeup routine will be your best friend for this look. 

You can also buy magnetic or glued eyelashes at any corner store and, with minimal effort, can have perfect lashes. The lashes will give your eyes a doe-eyed look and open and brighten up your face. Take the blush and swipe it liberally across your cheeks, and focus on the apples for the most color. To complete the look, lightly brush your nose with blush to give you a sweet glow.

3.   Statement lipstick

With masks covering our faces most of the time, the chance to try out all of the new lipsticks you’ve acquired over the past year are few and far between. Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to pucker up and show off your luscious pink or red lips with a heavy swipe of lipstick.

The best thing to do for the longevity of the color is to prep your lips with a nice scrub or chapstick before applying. Select the color that best works with your skin tone and make sure it’s highly pigmented and not easily rubbed or kissed off. And if you’re feeling feisty, you can even add some glitter to your lips to sparkle just a little more in the candlelight. The sky’s the limit when it comes to lipstick.

4.   Pretty in Pink

Valentine’s Day is usually all about the reds, but for a cute makeup look try focusing on the pinks this year. Pale pink eye shadow, a hot pink blush, and a pink lip.

According to, “Start sheer and work your way to bolder colors and bolder placement. The wearability of pink eyeshadow has a lot to do with what else you wear it with. Using it as a light shimmer to compliment a smokey eye, or as a sheer blend of pale pink is probably the tame way to go. When you get a bit more adventurous, prime your eyes and dive into some more vibrant shades.”

We know, it’s a lot. But for Valentine’s day, it’s the perfect look to match the theme of the night. The sweet and simple outcome of the look will make you want to do it again and again. Try adding some small hearts or cute little pink sparkles to your face like a painting. More is more in this case.

5.   Cat Eye Eyeliner

Always looked at as a sexy upgrade to your regular eyeliner routine, busting out the cat eye for Valentine’s day will make you want to wear it every day. We recommend using a marker or pen liquid eyeliner for this. You can start by finding the right angle to begin on your eyes; you can also use a piece of tape to aid you in this.

Concentrating on the inner and outer corners of your eyes as they are the most visible, and try not to resist the urge to squint or blink during the process. It is also important to find the right shape for your eyes and start and end the cat-eye. Some people make a thicker line on the lid and a short tail; some make a thin line and a long tail. It depends on your style, but whatever you choose, you are sure to impress your date.

Final Thoughts

With all the options for cute or hot makeup looks for Valentine’s Day this year, you’re bound to be inspired by all the pinks and reds. Take a note from us; this is the perfect excuse to pull out your favorite outfit and do the makeup to match. Not only will you be impressed, but we know your date will be as well.