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5 Fun Nail/Manicure Trends For 2022

June 14, 2022 · Posted in: Our Favorites, Salon News
Purple nails and polish

With summer in full swing, the trends for the next year are front and center and quickly picking up momentum. The dark nails of winter are melting away into fun patterns, pastels, and long acrylics If you’re following the nail trends for 2022, you may know about some of the new hot styles that have made an appearance on your fingertips this season. But if not – we’re here to help. While not every nail technician can do every style you see on Pinterest or Instagram because some shops don’t carry the right products, colors, or accessories – here’s a list of nail trends for summer 2022 that you can take into any salon have recreated. 

Colorful French Tip 

A beloved classic nail style that has been in trend for 50 years, the French Manicure has evolved, but according to,  “today, it remains a classic nail look and continues to inspire new iterations to fit the ever-changing color and design trends.”  So what’s hot in 2022? The colorful French tip has become mainstream as a fun twist on a classic. Instead of a nude nail with a white tip, people are replacing that white tip with fun colors and designs. See an example below so you know what to show your technician next time. Any color will work – you do you!

Color Blocking

This season more than any before fashion and trends is being centered around COLORS. The 2010s brought us black-on-black and dark nail trends, and the 2020s are emerging defiant of that with bright colors and color blocking. Elle Canada talks about this hot trend – “This season, colour-blocking is all the rage. Whether it’s done subtly or in bold ways, contrasting colours is a chic way to catch the eye.” Check out these examples of color-blocking nails and use them as inspiration for your next nail appointment.

Minimalist Nails or Simple Designs

Something increasingly common the last few months has been simplified and girly nails with crazy outfits! Fashion is doing so much these days that sometimes the simplest solution is minimalistic or going back to basics. One of the bigger trends falling under the simple and girly category is daisies/flowers. You can even mix this trend with the colorful french tips and create a style all your own. If you’re looking to attempt to do these yourself, cosmopolitan says, “ Just dot a few little flowers at a different spot on each nail with a nail dotting tool. And if even that is too much, just grab a pack of cute nail stickers that require exactly zero artistic talent.” If you’re a perfectionist when it comes to nails – we recommend a professional! 


Hand in hand with the Y2K comeback that’s been taking over trends in 2022, pastel fashion and pastel nails are at the top of the trend list for this summer. says it best – “Pastel nails may bring to mind country-club sweaters and Easter egg hunts, but they don’t have to be so predictable. […] Think creamy lilacs, offbeat greens, and sky blues. And paired with trendy nail art like checkers and French tips or elongated acrylics, pastels feel fresher than ever. (They’re also the perfect contrast to all the black sweaters we’ll be wearing […]”. Whether you go with a simple color like the picture below, or you add a cool design or sticker, you’ll be right on trend with bright colors and designs.

Nail Bling

One of the latest trends for 2022, coming off the back of Euphoria, is blinged-out nails. The TV show provided epic fashion, nail, and hair trends that resonated with many young viewers (who, as we know, are setting the trends!), and the blinged-out mani is one of the most prominent. Whether you achieve this awesome look through the sparkly polish, glue on gems or charms, or another way, the manicure will set you apart from your peers. If you wanna grab some inspiration straight from the show itself, check out this article about the nail artist hired to do the sets for the actors on Euphoria.