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10 Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy!

November 28, 2012 · Posted in: Beauty, Hair, Inspiration

Most of us have trouble keeping our hair looking great and perfectly styled all day long. Keeping your hair looking its best throughout the day involves an understanding of hair tools, products and techniques. Below are some tips that will help you maintain a great, healthy look.

1. Haircuts

Regular haircuts are essential to great hair. When choosing a hairstyle, if you find that your XEX stylist needs 30 to 45 minutes in the salon to make your hair look perfect, then when you get home, you will never be able to recreate the same look. Instead, you probably want a haircut that looks natural and requires little fuzz.

Make sure the stylist understands the four important aspects of a haircut to include density, texture, type, and facial shape. For instance, if you have thick, coarse hair, then you would not want a full perm or if you have a full, round face, you want your hair to be pulled away from the face to make it look thinner. Finally, a good haircut should last six weeks, looking great every day.

2. Embrace your natural hair color

Otherwise, you will find that you become enslaved to your hair, going through constant coloring, relaxing, cutting, chemical applications, etc.

3. Don’t Overuse Products

se a small, dime-size portion of gel if you use it. Use a small amount of spray so your hair retains movement.

Using too much product will usually cause your hair to appear greasy and weighted down. You also want to be careful when mixing and matching products. Instead of applying a leave-in conditioner, styling mousse, gel, and then hairspray, simply shampoo and condition your hair and then use one product. Aveda products are always our favorite and will help to ensure that your hair stays healthy.

4. Hair Rollers

Unheated rollers should be used on damp hair. Heated rollers should be used on dry hair.

After you shampoo your hair, do not use products until the hair is no longer wet, but just damp. If you apply the product sooner, the hair will take longer to dry, thus taking longer to curl. You also will not get a consistent curl. When you put rollers in your hair, place the largest rollers at the top near the roots to produce the most volume. Just make sure you do not position the rollers right up to the roots or it can pull and stretch the hair, causing damage.

Take your time unwinding the rollers. Too often, hair will become entangled, causing frustration and pulling. This breaks and tears the hair, making it look frizzy. Then to get a natural curl, instead of using a brush to form tight curls, flip your head over and with your fingers, comb through your hair. Then you flip your hair back, it will be soft and natural.

5. Roots

The roots of your hair can be damaged in a number of ways. Before you start blow-drying or curling, make sure you take care of the roots. When you blow dry your hair start by drying the root area first. The same would be true when applying hair products. You will get more volume by applying to the roots first and then working your way down.

6. Preparation

One problem that many people face is that as the day progresses, the hair becomes dull and tired looking. If you are faced with this challenge, then you reactivate your morning’s gel or mousse with a simply spritz of water.

Another great tool is to purchase a miniature curling iron that can be kept in your purse or desk. Then at lunch, you can take five minutes to refresh the curls, looking just as good, as you did in the morning. If you wear your hair long, then use scrunchies to wrap it up several times a day. When you take the hair down, you will have instant fluff and volume.

7. Body

Dealing with limp, lifeless hair is another common problem. To get the thickness and body you want, you need to make sure your hair is washed with a quality shampoo and conditioner. Then when you dry your hair, bend over at the waist and blow your hair upside down. Once the hair is approximately 50% dry, apply mousse or gel and with a vent brush, work it through. Now, flip your head over again, drying until completely dry.

8. Go Easy

Purchase some up do tools to help put your hair up so it looks neat rather than just thrown together. To make this work, you need to gather all your hair as neatly as possible and then wind or roll it in one direction. With the updo tool, put the hair up and then secure it with bobby pins.

9. Cowlicks

Many men and women struggle with cowlicks but instead of fighting these areas of the hair, use them to your advantage. For example, you can start a part or sweep the hair over at the location of the cowlick and have a nice lift. Another option is to brush your hair over toward the cowlick with a little bit of gel. The result will be a nice fullness that makes the hair look great and hides the cowlick.

10. Regular Trims

In addition to having a great cut, visit your XEX stylist for regular trims. Unfortunately, we often try to stretch the time out as long as possible. Even waiting one week can make a big difference!

Credit: Hairstylestips

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